At the age of 17, Renzo Macchiavello immigrated to the United States from Peru and embarked on his culinary journey.
His first job in San Francisco was as a dishwasher in a Mexican restaurant. Despite his humble beginnings, Renzo’s passion for cooking burned brightly within him.
After two years in San Francisco, he made his way to Los Angeles, where he spent the next six years honing his skills in various hotels and restaurants located in Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills.
Renzo’s dedication to his craft led him to pursue formal culinary education, and in 1993, he proudly graduated from the LA Culinary Institute under the esteemed Master Chef, Raymond Hoffmaister. Throughout his career, Chef Renzo has showcased his culinary talents in numerous professional competitions, achieving remarkable success.
His achievements include winning a gold medal from the Chefs De Cuisine Association of California (CCAC) and the American Culinary Federation.
In 1996, Chef Renzo ventured to Orange County, where he realized his dream of owning his own restaurant. The Peruvian Grill earned rave reviews from reputable sources such as the LA Times and local newspapers.
Renzo’s culinary expertise, combined with his commitment to sourcing the finest local ingredients from farms and fish markets, ensured a remarkable dining experience for his patrons.
Today, Renzo has expanded his culinary endeavors, working as a consultant and private chef. He promises to deliver the highest quality of fresh ingredients while accommodating diverse budgets. Whether it’s developing customized menus or crafting innovative party concepts, Chef Renzo brings his expertise to the Orange County area, creating unforgettable culinary experiences for his clients!


(price per person)

Ceviche / Appetizers

Market Ceviche Mex Seabass $23.50
Higher quality of fish

Regular Ceviche $17

Mixto Ceviche $20
Fish, shrimp, calamari, mussels, and fresh scallops marinated in citrus juices

Papa Ala Huancaina $11

Medium spiced cream sauce over golden potatoes

Plantains $7.50

Beef Empanada $9.50

Tamal Pork $9.50

Yucca $11.50

Salads / Ensaladas

Grilled Chicken Cilantro Lime Salad $16.50
Field greens, roasted Peruvian corn, queso fresco, red peppers, cilantro, and avocado with lime-cilantro dressing

Mini Nikole Salad $7.50
Field greens and seasonal vegetables with house dressing

Vegan Quinoa Salad $15.50
Field greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, asparagus, bell peppers, and house dressing

Sandwiches / Sanguches

Roasted Pork Loin Butifarra $14.00
Sliced pork with garlic aioli

Chicken Sandwich Breast $15.00
Sliced chicken with garlic aioli

Phillip Ahi Tuna Panini $16.00
Seared ahi tuna, lettuce, tomato peppers, and hard-boiled egg

Pan con Chicharron $13.00

Cuban Panini $16.00
Black forest ham,roasted pork loin, swiss cheese, pickles & mustard

House Specials

Beef Lomo Saltado $22.00
Peruvian style stir-fried onions, tomatoes, and cilantro served on a bed of french fries and a side of white rice

Chicken Saltado $19.00
Peruvian style stir-fried onions, tomatoes, and cilantro served on a bed of french fries and a side of white rice

Veggie Saltado $14.50
Peruvian style stir fried onions, tomatoes, and cilantro served on a bed of french fries and a side of white rice

Saltado Mixto $14.50

Tallarin Saltado Mariscos $19.50

Tallarin Saltado Beef $22.00

Tallarin Saltado Chicken $17.00

Tallarin Verde Beef $23.50

Tallarin Verde Pollo $17.50

Aji de Gallina $17.00

Shredded chicken, medium spice, aji amarillo, walnut sauce with olive tapenade & hard boiled egg

Pescado Alo Macho $21.50

Arroz con Mariscos $22.00

Seafood combination of calamari, shrimp, shellfish on a bed of rice, peppers, cilantro

Arroz con Pollo $17.00

Chicken, cilantro, rice, seasonal vegetables

Signature Wraps

Veggie Saltado Wrap $12.00

Chicken Saltado Wrap $14.00

Lomo Saltado Wrap $16.00


(Full Service or Drop Off)

Lomo Bar (like a taco bar)

Choose One Protein, One Rice, One Fries

PROTEIN: Filet Mignon $45 | Flap Meat $35 | Chicken $18 | Shrimp $40 | Fish (Market Price)

CHOICE OF RICE: White Rice | Brown Rice | Cilantro Rice 

FRIES: Regular Fries | Sweet Potatoes

Comes with: Quinoa Salad, Beans, Tortillas, Cancha, Aji Verde (Renzos Sauce)

*15 people minimum. Perfect for your private party & office party

Ceviche Bar

We Bring Everything To You For Your Next Event! PROTEIN: Fish (Market Price) | Shrimp | Calamari | Scallops | Mussels – $35 per person, All You Can Eat for 2 Hours Fresh ingredients made for you & your guests.
Including: Aji Verde, Chips, Corn (Cancha), Sweet Potatoes

Classic flavors made to order fast & healthy!

We set up at your home or office and take down everything. Plates and silverware included  *15 people minimum. Perfect for your private party & office party We can design menus and a quality party team accordingly to your needs. Please call us for any questions